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about us

Let me introduce ourselves and our works.

I am a father, a scientist and a photographer.

We are based in Bad Vilbel, a small and nice city located few kilometers from Frankfurt am Main - Germany.

I am self-taught in photography. I learned lighting techniques, composition, aesthetic and post-processing by doing, reading valuable books, articles and sharing opinions with good photographers and people since many years. Then, years later I completed a course at an international accredited photographic organization.

Learning is for me a continuous and endless process of try-and-error and experiments that can results in defeats, but somehow can also bring moments of true poetry.
I found inspirations in all people, photographers and non-photographers, and I hope in turn to be somehow source of inspirations for others.

My personal challenge is to describe moments in a way that gives the viewer a brand new experience of well-known situations; a way of looking at the physical world and seeing something deeper, like the very nature of existence, purified by human passions.

I would like to invite you to visit our personal portfolio that from January 2013, also includes new works of abstract photography.

If you like you can leave a sign of your passage by writing to us or buying online original prints. We will be also happy to personally answer yours questions on our photographic works and services.

Beside the pure passion for photography, we use these pages also to share images with our families and friends, hoping to give some opportunities to laugh, to think, to dream.
Luca Pizzimbone - Profile Picture
Together with me, in the private life and in the photographic activities, there is Dorota.

Practitioner of yoga and meditation, with a sensible feeling for the art and a natural sense of esthetic, she gives an invaluable contribution to create images full of love.

Welcome to our photo-space.

Luca Pizzimbone
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